Vinegar factory: where "objects are silent witnesses of our lives"

The acetaia is that environment where they are kept in place the batteries and barrels, accompanying, to derive the traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena.

Therefore we can deduce that the term, acetaia, is known and used only in our territories, to indicate that ’ environment where “the patience to wait has no limits”. It was once also called “room Vinegars”.

The ideal location is the attic, historically “tasel”, ubiquitous in homes once because necessary also for storing all that was no longer used at home and he wouldn’t throw, from school notebooks to unused furniture for retrieval later, If necessary or possible, tomorrow.

Once the winter family pantry, where were stored grain and apples, nuts and medlar, eggs and whatnot could be kept in a dry environment but refreshed by winter weather, ideal for the final settling tank and selection of our balsamic vinegar in spring.

In that environment usually, the farmer, He held also planted some homemade sausage seasoning and Parmesan cheese, every family selected, for an aging family all. Perhaps because of the sharing of that environment, balsamic vinegar and Parmesan cheese have become inseparable companions on our table. The vinegar should also be sunny for the maturation phase and naturally ventilated, to provide the necessary oxygen and vital to Acetobacter. By coming to find and if you are lucky, with the cunning of a child, You can steal some little secret as a “family secret “, hidden in those places.

Between past memories and outdated furnishings, telling our story, You can admire our batteries, planting, for that quiet maturation that only those who live, in relaxing medicamentosa, can really tell you. 

And if after your visit you will feel we could just to annoy you, believe us, We didn't want to!