Balsamic vocabulary to introduce you to our world

Terminology used in the world of’Balsamic Vinegar.

“Vahidi” or Vasel, barrels that makes up the battery.

“Staves” Strips of wood, slightly curved, that make up the body of the barrels, vahidi.

“Slots” interlocking on the funds holding slats botticella.

“Bunghole” Square/rectangular shaped top opening cut into the top of the barrel.

“Bunghole” Moving part or lid, in wood, required for closing the hole on top of the barrel.

“Battery” Set of barrels or casks made of essential for the maturation of balsamic ’.

” 10 – 13 – 16 – 20 – 24 – 30 – 40 – 50 – 60 – 80 …. “ Capacity of barrels of a battery.

“Chalastra” Frame, in wood, for the support of the vessels making up the battery.

“Sgallatura” “Cleaning” and preparation of the wood of the cask before beginning l ’ use in vinegar factory, to delete l ’ Gallic acid, a phenolic organic acids contained in wood fibre.

“Shirt” Veil that leaves the Balsamico, inside the bottle ( flask ), Torch, who can distinguish the maturation.

“Topping” is the ’ filling of barrels or vasel.

“Tasell” Definition of the local dialect where you should keep the battery, in Italian the loft or attic.

“Tragno” Bulbous vase Bowl with ears, “tràgn”, historical container always for balsamic vinegar that the coterie of Spilamberto adopted as a symbol, logo, of the Association.

“Tragno” or tragn, dialect word to identify the terracotta container, internally glazed, used once, to preserve the comfort kitchen pantry l’Traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena After the annual levy from the barrel is smaller than the battery.

“Flask” Typical glass container, capacity 100 CC, used for Visual and olfactory evaluation of balsamic.

“SAZ or Tast Glass tube needed for picking, from the barrel, Dell ’ balsamic vinegar.

“Sour Taste” Flavor that has dell ’ sour.

“Flavor Asprino” Sour taste but tasty.

“Flavor Dolcino” Taste tending to sweet.