We do not propose striking packaging, but we can be thrilled with the taste of our proposals!

35 years ago we didn't think we were going to be here today to offer our history and our Balsamic Vinegar but a series of coincidences han made from a pastime they followed a passion and passion a wonderful idea to place at your disposal that slow progress a delicious seasoning now sought after by the best palates. Balsamic vinegar

“We preferred to make you remember us for the content not to the container”!

Vinegars and condiments Acetaia Valeri

Typical Italian productsearnest, Modena, guaranteed by a IGP and DOP, obtained without the use of caramel!

“A dream for those who come from other lands”

Our “Balsamic workshop”, You can learn more by browsing our pages, proposes individual packages of our products, format or “family” , with balsamic vinegar of Modena, in packs already “gift ideas” they are suitable for all occasions, In addition to researched Traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena for all occasions in the original bottles “Giugiaro” that distinguish the uniqueness guarantees a product worth trying!

Balsamic information workshop!

In Shop balsamic vinegar Acetaia Valeri in support of any proposals you will find what is necessary to choose in the best way your Balsamic vinegar of Modena, the characteristics of the product to the production chain, the advice to use it in the kitchen or on the table, on fruit or ice cream or just as a digestive after meals.

A children's book and not only, to approach the world of balsamic vinegar

Today we can offer you also a Fable” to approach the “Balsamic world” your children but also your grandchildren or, simply, enjoy something different from “gusto balsamico” and not only! You can request it directly to our address or, simply, by coming to find!