The traditions of Balsamic

Acetaia Valeri

The traditions of Balsamic ’

I am sure that this trace of our work and the daily reflections will help those who want to continue in the family tradition or, those who want to, start from scratch this curious and fascinating experience. Today we can tell the history of our vinegar factory and the moon to collect your comments and your questions.

Modena, engines and balsamic vinegar

An experience that began 30 years ago when I looked out in the world of cars, those that have marked our land with her moods and technology that helped make known worldwide and around Modena. Ferrari GTO, Lamborghini as Diablo and Maserati as 3200GT just to mention the most important commitments that they gave me satisfaction and being able to interpret in the best way one of the best statements that have characterized my commitment: “Live the story to not live in history”. 

And after participating in the projects of those prestigious cars from Maranello outputs, S. Agata Bolognese and Modena and, even before the 1973, I adorned by an Olympic medal in the discipline of the trades, I thought it was time to dedicate themselves to more distant flavours of our land which they bequeathed the precious “black gold”, with the hope that posterity knows cultivate a cookbook that time should not change. Thirty years ago we didn’t think we were going to be here today to offer our history and our balsamic vinegar but a series of coincidences han made from a pastime they followed a passion and passion a wonderful idea to arrange that slow the making of a delicious seasoning today sought after by the best palates.

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“It’s tradition that continues, with the hope that somebody tomorrow know collect and appreciate the result, bringing it into the future”

Watch videos of balsamic vinegar history on our Youtube channel Acetaia Valeri
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