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    To purchase the cheapest or traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena balsamic vinegar or balsamic dressings, always interesting, for your table, You can send us a request for information or…
    Order our products directly to our shop, La Bottega balsamic vinegar Acetaia Valeri

    the real “natural” balsamic vinegar is made from a cooked grape must, matured for slow acetification and progressive concentration through very long aging in a series of ships of different Woods, without any addition of aromatic substances. Shiny dark brown color, expresses its density in a correct, viscosity sliding. Has distinctive aroma and complex, penetrating, to clear but pleasant and aromatic acidity. Of traditional and inimitable well-balanced sweet and sour taste, you generously full, savory with velvety nuances in accordance with its own olfactory nature “

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    We will send you our answers and the best offers in addition to essential tips to best utilize our balsamic vinegar, in the kitchen or directly on your table.

    NB: Always remember that everyone gives off different feelings from one person to another, Therefore, There is no guarantee that the pleasure of taste is shared by everyone at the table.

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