Chi Siamo

L ’ vinegar factory, today, was given to us to pass, tomorrow, to future generations!

Famiglia Cuoghi

Today theBalsamic Vinegar is not just a seasoning but an essential element to enhance a dish by virtue of its unifying value and elegant at the same time.

Acetaia for us“is the name by which we intended to synthesize love, pride andcraftsmanship a product that will never find a place in a chain of industrial marketing, because it is the result of moods and flavors that have a slow become local musts, worked as in Orthodox ancient recipes of those who, by generation to generation, handed down over the years “Black Gold”. A few initial barrels were not worried but the ones added later and the sentimental value almost romantic even before the economic, We were tricked, After twenty years of boiling, tastings, measurements, racking and with the first payment withdrawals, to realize that it was no longer possible to rely on memory. The confrontation then uses, Customs and legends, due to the encroachment of globalisation, they would have diluted and dispersed the genetics of vinegar and with genetics of its truth.

But back to Valeri and their black gold. TheAcetaia for us born by chance in 1979 why we decided to venture out in the enterprise by dividing purchase some barrels with Uncle Berto who had continued the management of the family vinegar works started in the family home since that “young” who was our father. 

Today we might wonder: “who’s got it did make?”in light of the difficulties encountered in twenty years of patient processing, prepare the barrels, wash and acetificarle, prepare the musts month-to-month and track their sensory processing through the regular audit, the racking and the fresh volunteers It was not easy even to imagine. Not really unexpected and disappointments, missed: a barrel to empty or an unpleasant aroma during the regular audit were the order of the day. However the satisfaction of bringing on board the result of our work made us forget any sacrifice. Then what to say before putting hand in this “story” we will totally? Come in, you continue, with the hope that one day someone appreciates and to our great satisfaction continues on the path mapped out in the tradition. The script will remain to testify to the patient and exciting work we have done in acetaia.

Gerardo Gammage and Marcolina Chatterjee

Manual Acetaia

Leave a manual, a sort of notebook of Board, may serve to those who in the future will look for evidence of the past on such a subject debated by too many "connoisseurs" within the last hour. In fact, even the Coterie of ’ traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena can only use a few, old, wise and reliable recipes 1862 Let us fromLawyer Francesco Agazzotti Lounge and, as if that wasn't enough, It seems that you still describe the activity tent in vinegar factory like a secret for the lucky few that the Charter may not pass on.